Swimming Weight Loss Workout Beginners

Swimming Weight Loss Workout Beginners

The swimming weight loss workout beginners is specifically designed for people who are looking to lose weight through swimming, however have not started a weight loss workout. It is important to remember that when ever beginning a work out regime to lose weight you have to start slowly and build to build up a foundation of fitness that will allow you to exercise long enough to burn enough calories to lose weight. As with any weight loss regime, you can train all you want but if you don’t have a good diet it defeats the purpose and your weight loss will be minimal. So ensure you incorporate your swimming weight loss work out beginners with a healthy well balance diet.

Equipment Needed: Swimwear, towel, kickboard, stopwatch, Waterproof MP3 Player (optional)

Intensity Levels: 1 = easy; 2 = moderate; 3 = quite hard; 4 = hard; 5 = maximum

Length of Session: 400 meters If you cannot do any of these strokes in this session then use a stroke of your own choice. Each session can be extended or decreased due to the discretion and fitness levels of the participant.

NB: The number of lengths indicated is based on a 25 meter pool. You may need to make some slight adjustments to the number of lengths indicated based upon the pool where you swim.


WARM UP 2x 1 length (50 meters) continuous swimming using your own choice of swimming stroke
Move to the next section as soon as you feel ready to do so, but take no longer than 1 minute rest
SKILLS 4 x 1 length (100 meters) freestyle/front crawl or breaststroke kicking only, using a kickboard
30 secs rest between each length
MAIN SET 6 x 1 length (150 meters) full stroke using same stroke as above
15 secs rest between each length
SWIM DOWN 4x 1 length (100 meters) continuous swimming using your own choice of stroke
no rest
TOTAL 16 x 1 length (400 meters)

Individuals should seek medical advice or consult a doctor if they have any medical conditions or are commencing exercise for the first time after an operation or illness. If you are new to exercise or unsure of any activity then you should seek further advice from an exercise professional.

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