From the regulation of the metabolism, the conversion of fats to energy, the formation of bones and teeth, through to the production of sperm, vitamins play an essential role in most cellular processes.

Surprisingly, the term “vitamin” was unknown until a Polish scientist by the name of Casimir Funk was the first person to coin . . . → Read More: Vitamins.


Make losing weight easy by training for a fitness event.

Training with friends for a fitness event such as swimathon.

Make losing weight easy by training for a fitness event

We all know the number one reason people begin an exercise program, weight loss. What we don’t know is that most people are so focused on losing weight that they don’t actually enjoy the . . . → Read More: Make losing weight easy by training for a fitness event.


Lunch Break Fitness

So you get home from work absolutely exhausted and the last thing you want to do is get changed and head to the gym, run around the park or swim some laps. Maybe you get home and as soon as you walk through the front door your children are asking you, ‘what’s for dinner mum?’ . . . → Read More: Lunch Break Fitness


Swimming Goggle Advice

Goggle Advice

Choosing the appropriate pair of swimming goggle for you can be confusing, as there are so many different shapes and lens color options available that unless you have been swimming for years and had a chance to try different brands and styles till you find your pair, where do you begin? Which swimming . . . → Read More: Swimming Goggle Advice

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