Swimming Health.

There are many different exercise we can participate in which can assist us in our fight to lose weight and keep fit. As exercises go, land based exercises are usually considered a better form of physical activity to lose weight and to some degree this is true. However, any form of exercise in conjunction with . . . → Read More: Swimming Health.


Swimwear for all body types.

How to choose the right Swimwear

It may not be Summer but that doesn’t mean that you cant go swimming to exercise. We all know that swimming is a “no pain, plenty of gain workout”, and continuing to visit your favorite pool during these cooler months is actually a good idea.

As a cardiovascular exercise, . . . → Read More: Swimwear for all body types.


Waterproof MP3 Players can be all music in your ears.

Waterproof MP3 Players make swimming fun with music in your ears

We all know that training can be a monotonous experience usually made easier with music to help motivate you and increase your chances of sticking it out. For this reason most runners will train together to alleviate the rigors of training and boredom. . . . → Read More: Waterproof MP3 Players can be all music in your ears.


Vitamins + Supplements = Healthy ?

More and more, popping a daily vitamin or supplement has become as routine as brushing our teeth. Due to a poor diet consisting of many processed foods, foods which lack nutritional value, we are finding that vitamins and supplements are becoming increasingly necessary as we are just not getting all the essential vitamins and . . . → Read More: Vitamins + Supplements = Healthy ?

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