swimtoslim.com was devised as a information tool to help you discover the healthy benefits of swimming, as a training exercise to help you lose weight. In conjunction with a healthy diet, you will swim those pounds away in no time. In addition you are getting fit and healthy by participating in one of the only exercises that works every muscle group in your body, is low impact and aerobically as good as any land based exercise.

swimtoslim.com will provide the latest news, articles, studies to educate you about different training methods for different skill levels, a comprehensive bio-mechanics  and  techniques required to swim the different strokes, actual remedies and not quick fixes to help you lose weight through diet and  exercising. Different swimming aids  which make swimming more pleasurable, such as goggles, swimwear, water proof MP3 players will be covered. swimtoslim will also include a detailed section on the importance of vitamins and supplements to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
It is our endeavour that swimtoslim.com will be a great source of accurate  information necessary to improving your fitness, your health and all whilst participating in one of the most enjoyable exercises on the planet, swimming.

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