Swim Away Calories.

Swim away calories!

 swim away caloriesSwim Away Calories.

Swimming is one of the best fitness exercises you can participate in, to lose weight and get fit.  It is important to understand the techniques of each individual swimming stroke so you can find the stroke which best suits your training regime to help you swim your calories away. So, which stroke is best for you?

FREESTYLE (front crawl)

Body Parts Trained: Freestyle/Front Crawl is the fastest stroke and is a great exercise to burn calories, as it requires all of your major muscle groups to be used whilst propelling your body through the resistant water. Freestyle tones your body and helps improve your card vascular health.

Calories burned:

swimming uses all the major muscles groups in the body during swimming exercise, so it is a great calorie-burner. Good freestyle swimmers will burn 100 calories every 10 minutes whilst swimming at a moderate rate.

Tips in swimming Freestyle:

The secret to swimming faster is to use your legs!Your leg muscles are one of the largest groups of muscles of the human body and it can propel you through the water quickly if you can master the right technique in kicking.
Swimming speed can also be increased by stabilizing your torso. Glide through the water rather than snaking through it..
It is important to use your core muscles (engage your abdominal muscles and pull your navel to your spine) to keep your torso straight. Think about powering the arm movement with the shoulder to counteract desk-hunch. Relax the arm as it lifts out of the water elbow first, so that you use your deltoids (back muscles).

Common mistakes and injuries:

Not breathing properly is the most common problem. You should be exhaling evenly  and constantly when your head is underwater as well as breathing bilaterally.


Body Parts Trained:

Expands the lungs, works the pectorals (chest) muscles, works the inner thigh, tones the back, shoulders, triceps, legs and hamstrings.
Calories burned: breaststroke burns fewer calories than the other strokes – 60 calories per 10 minutes. Breaststroke is a great stroke for long-distance swimming.

Tips for swimming breaststroke:

For speed use a shorter action, and make sure you never allow your hands to pass below your shoulders. Stretch out your arms as far forward in front of you as you possibly can, in addition to  keeping your heels together for as long as possible whilst you draw your legs towards your buttocks before you extend and kick out your legs. Glide between strokes.

Common mistakes and injuries:

swimming breaststroke with your head above the water can be bad for your neck and back. Have a look at how to swim breaststroke to properly understand the sequences of action required to swim breaststroke properly .


Body Parts Trained:

tones the stomach, buttocks, legs, arms and shoulders – and helps to elongate the hip flexors which is a great way to alleviate the effects of sitting in a chair all day.

Calories burned:

80 calories per 10 minutes. The ease of  breathing and different use of muscles groups is one reason to introduce backstroke to your swimming workout.

Tips for swimming backstroke:

For maximum speed whilst swimming backstroke it is important to look at your feet and not at the ceiling, keeping your head very still, put your arms deep into the water lifting the little finger out first. It is important to practice being very long in the water to lengthen the spine and open out joints.

Common mistakes and injuries:

the key to speed swimming backstroke is trying to propel yourself onto of the water. If you lift your head too high the result effect will be the lowering of your hips which will create greater drag through the water. Think of relaxing your head back into the water, just tucking the chin in for a view of your feet.


What it does to your body: works out the upper-body increasing strength and toning the chest, abdominals, arms, triceps and back muscles. Stretches the body and increases flexibility.

Calories burned:

Butterfly is the most strenuous of all the swimming strokes therefore burning more calories away – 150 calories per 10 minutes.

Tips for swimming Butterfly:

Butterfly is the most strenuous and difficult stroke of all four swimming strokes. It is important that you learn butterfly properly so I would recommend that you take swimming lessons to guarantee that you are learning the techniques required to swim butterfly properly.

Common mistakes and injuries:

Shoulder injuries can commonly occur if you do not have enough lift to get your upper-body out of the water. Back injuries are also a possibility if you do not master the right technique required to perform the rhythm of the kick.

If you are unfamiliar or have not entered the water to swim for some time and have forgotten how to properly swim any stroke, then take your time to visit the different, how to swim Freestyle/Front Crawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly.

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