Water Fitness Exercises

Water Fitness Exercises.

Swimming is a great fitness exercise. As we all know, swimming can be a great all over body workout. What we almost never consider is exercising in water without swimming. The following three water fitness exercises are a great workout in the pool and can be a refreshing change from swimming laps. These exercises, require you to b? standing in water up t? your shoulder level.

1. Water exercises for the arms

This is a great exercise to tone the arms. Stand w?dth your feet shoulder width apart and hands holding a ball (volley ball is great for this particular exercise). The arms should be straight without locking your elbows. Move the ball around in front of you in the shape of a sideways figure 8. As the ball is being moved in front of you from side to side and up and down you will feel the resistance of the water and the air in the ball train your arms and shoulders. D? up t? 10 reps.
The ball should always remain under the water ?t all times. Avoid this exercise ?f you have a shoulder injury. Do not twist or move your body. Your arms should be the only part of your body moving.

2. Toning the waist

This exercise is a great one to tone your stomach muscles. Stand with your back against the side wall of the pool and arms stretched out along the rim of the pool to support you. Bring your legs up straight in front of you so your body makes a L shape from side on. Slowly move your legs in a circular clockwise direction 10 times and then move your legs in a circular anti-clockwise direction. Remember to keep your back firmly against the wall.

3. Toning the legs

This exercise is used to isolate your leg muscles. Walk ?n the spot in the pool. Squat up and down on one leg at a time. When squatting down on one leg, stretch out the opposite leg in front of you pointing the toes. You can swing the arms back and forward to help keep your balance and increase your workout. Repeat this exercise f?r 2-5 minutes.
The exercise workload can be altered to the different fitness levels of the participant. Remember that mixing up your training routine is the best method to keeping you training and stop becoming bored with the repetitiveness of training.

 Water AerobicsWater Fitness Exercises

Fitness training can be achieved in water without swimming.

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