Freestyle Breathing Technique

As you can see with these two Olympic swimmers their freestyle breathing technique are almost identical at the inhaling stage of the breathing cycle

How to Master the Freestyle Breathing Technique

Breathing techniques whilst swimming the freestyle (frontcrawl) swimming stroke is essential to becoming a better swimmer. Correct Freestyle breathing technique is just as . . . → Read More: Freestyle Breathing Technique


Monitor Your Training Heart Rate

What is the best method used to determine we are exercising at an intensity that will burn body fat as well as increase our level of fitness? Monitor your training heart rate! At any level of experience it is essential to understand the importance of monitoring our heart rate during training. There is a . . . → Read More: Monitor Your Training Heart Rate


Swim Away Calories.

Swim away calories!

Swimming is one of the best fitness exercises you can participate in, to lose weight and get fit. It is important to understand the techniques of each individual swimming stroke so you can find the stroke which best suits your training regime to help you swim your calories away. So, which . . . → Read More: Swim Away Calories.


Water Fitness Exercises

Water Fitness Exercises.

Swimming is a great fitness exercise. As we all know, swimming can be a great all over body workout. What we almost never consider is exercising in water without swimming. The following three water fitness exercises are a great workout in the pool and can be a refreshing change from swimming laps. . . . → Read More: Water Fitness Exercises

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